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Everyday life in the Klapperfeld?

Although there are some prison regulations that describe a clearly structured, uniform daily routine in the Klapperfeld, it is clear from the few reports found so far from former prisoners that this varied greatly under certain circumstances.

The length of imprisonment and the way prisoners were treated depended in particular on the reason for their imprisonment. While some prisoners »only« had the unpleasant experience of detention and isolation, others were taken for interrogation at night and also tortured. While some were still able to talk about their experiences in detention afterwards, many others were deported from Klapperfeld and we do not know what experiences they had here. This also applies to those who died while still in prison.
This section contains excerpts from reports by people who were all imprisoned in the Klapperfeld prison during the Nazi regime but at different times and for different reasons.

One exception is the interview with Wolfgang Breckheimer, who himself was not in custody in the Klapperfeld until after the Nazi regime. However, he reports, among other things, on the imprisonment of his Jewish mother and on the desperate attempts to make a last contact.

Letter concerning the Polish prisoner Joseph O. of 4.11.1940, who is said to have swallowed a spoon handle on 12.9.1940
Doukment to the Polish prisoner Joseph O. of 24.12.1940
The Polish forced labourer Joseph O. was imprisoned by the Frankfurt Gestapo in the Klapperfeld police prison, among other places: The documents issued here indicate that he attempted to take his own life several times during his imprisonment. (Source: Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv)