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Former Police Prison Klapperfeld

This website documents the history of the former Klapperfeld police prison in Frankfurt am Main. The building in the middle of Frankfurt’s city centre served to repress and oppress people in all phases of its use from its completion in 1886 until its closure after more than 115 years.

In the exhibitions section, you can find the contents of both permanent exhibitions set up in the Klapperfeld by the »Faites votre jeu!« initiative. The exhibition in the basement deals with the history of the former police prison and its use during National Socialism – 1886–1945. On the second floor is the exhibition »Out of here – Inscriptions of people in police custody and immigration detention in Klapperfeld prison – 1955–2002«. In addition, a timeline on the ground floor gives a fragmentary overview of prison history from the creation and construction of the Klapperfeld to its use by the initiative »Faites votre jeu!« as a self-organized centre.

Information on the temporary exhibition »A VISUAL JOURNEY ON PROTESTS OF IRANIAN DIASPORA« with photos by Sajedeh Jalali from March 7th until March 23rd, 2024, may be found here.

Under »Faites votre jeu!« there is information about the initiative which has been using the building since the end of April 2009 as a self-managed centre for a wide variety of events and projects.

The archive documents the guest exhibitions that have been shown in the Klapperfeld since 2009. (The archive is still under construction.)

The current programme in the Klapperfeld, press releases, a press review and further information can be found on the website of the initiative »Faites votre jeu!« (mostly in German language):