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»Plenum« or plenary session usually designates a session where all members take place. The Klapperfeld »Plenum« is a weekly meeting where we discuss and decide about everything that concerns the project as a whole.

Our meetings take place every Tuesday at 7.00 pm and we try to finish no later than 10 pm. Every first Tuesday of the month the »big plenum« takes place – this is the plenum in the direct sense of the word, where all groups are supposed to participate with at least one delegate. It is also the meeting where we distribute the tasks that have to be fulfilled in order to keep our project running. Questions and requests concerning potential events are discussed on every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. So if you have great ideas for a round table discussion, a concert or an exhibition for example, please choose one of these days to discuss your idea at the Plenum. You can also get more information by calling our hotline. The best way to learn more about the famous »Plenum« is to join it!

Individuals and delegates of the groups that meet at Klapperfeld form the »Plenum«. During the plenum we all decide together and according to the consense principle about everything that matters at the Klapperfeld. Some plena are focused on the everyday organisation of the house and our project, others have specific topics. Such topics might be a certain cop-graffiti (and the public discussions evolving around it) or press relations. But we do not want to rotate exclusively around or own issues. We want to take part in the larger political struggles and therefore comment on important questions in Frankfurt and elsewhere. Klapperfeld is a political space – the same is true for its »Plenum«.

Some people who attend the »Plenum« have been doing so since the beginning of the project, others have joined recently. Therefore, we constantly have to discuss all questions that concern this space – nothing is for granted. We are glad that this is the case. The Klapperfeld is supposed to be a space that can be used and shaped by those who engage in it, no matter how long they have been doing so. This is why we try to keep barriers for participation low and to reflect on mechanisms of exclusion.

In a nutshell, the »Plenum« is a very important institution in the Klapperfeld and we invite everyone to join it who uses the space already or is interested in doing so.

The »Plenum« is not as bad as some rumours want it to look like!